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Recently I received a text from an ex - colleague of mine who was jizzbo bigger and better things moved a few years. We agreed to meet at a hotel halfway between our two houses and, as I waited a couple of drinks, I booked a room to meet at night. When Ellie came that looked impressive and I have to look twice, it was actually the chubby girl who used to work. She came accros the room and jizzbo kissed me ordered drinks for us and we had the time to catch others' lives. It turned out that Ellie Martin shared his longtime partner and not just anyone to see and long term still jizzbo with me just for a moment I thought I might have a chance, but soon moved stun why girls are interested in becoming an overweight old fart like me. in the course of the night I suggested dinner and drinks had told Ellie that I had booked a room and suggested that they would like a book and then they could have a drink and enjoy themselves, ornfortunately all rooms were full, so I put my arm by accident and suggested that they could share with me and I promised to sleep on the couch. Ellie said it would be very good, and we relaxed in the rest of the night. At the time the bar was closed, the two were a little unsteady on his feet, as we headed to my room. Once through the door, tripped and fell Ellie in my arms, I pulled back and the two fell on the bed, Ellie had his arm around my neck and jizzbo kissed me directly. I returnd to kiss and she whispered in my ear : ' I ​​do not want to sleep on the couch ' immediately, understanding that assured him it was okay, the weapons were still around my neck, as he said 'No! Stupid I sleep with me ', the currency eventually fell and said :' They are safe, ' at which time he kissed me again this time to gently push your tongue in your mouth. We kissed a while gently stroking the upper body and slowly undressed each other, I broke the kiss on the lips allow workvel at the shoulders and in the hills above their jizzbo pert breasts, kissed every part of the chest before licking her nipples, which were very hard. I manouvered slowly through your body, until my lips gently brush the tip of the cut Bush shook Ellie and her pelvis rose to meet my tongue probing. Her pussy was so sweet fragrance, and her lips were wet with her juices while gently kissed and licked around her pussy, now turning around, trying to anticipate my next move, and it will be before me. Ellie suddenly grabbed my head and pushed my face into her pussy and I stuck my tongue to jizzbo the extent that I could and concentrated on her clitoris that pushed two fingers into her pussy leaking like Ellie now to the construction of the wall of his orgasm. His breathing was short in the development of small grunts as she slid her pussy pushed hard in the face when they come to, I started one of my fingers from her pussy and got into his ass. Ellie screamed and tighten all the muscles of the pelvic floor and broke most of the wrist, retired as her orgasm through them, I kept to my task with a finger in each opening, and my tongue lashing clit until she asked me to pass, and could not. When it finally came, she hugged me and said, 'Thanks, that was fantastic, where did you learn to make love like that,' I said, do not get to my age jizzbo without having to learn a trick or two. Ellie looked at me and said, ' Your turn ', but that's another story for later
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